Program 1:

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Program 1 Topics:

The Use of Trusts, Ron Aucutt

Marital Deduction Planning, Melissa Willms

Planning for Retirement Assets/SECURE Act, Bob Kirkland

International Estate Planning, Dina Kapur Sanna

Business Planning, Louis Harrison

Elder Law/Special Needs, Bernie Krooks

Asset Protection, Barry Nelson

Program 2:

Friday, October 13, 2023

Program 2 Topics:

Planning, Richard Sherrill

Planning for the Sunset of the Estate & Gift Tax Exemption, Jeff Baskies

Strategic Estate Planning Opportunities, Mark Parthemer

Grantor Trust Planning, Diana Zeydel

Charitable Planning, Brad Bedingfield

Planning for Business Owners, Brian Sparks

Program 3:

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Program 3 Topics:

Florida Probate Code, or Why Probate Might Not Be So Bad After All, Charles Nash

Homestead, Shane Kelley

Elective Share and Other Statutory Entitlements, Debra L. Boje

Final Judgments, Lee McElroy

What Does It Mean To Be a Trusted Advisor? And How Does That Help Us To Have Careers That Are Wholesome and Enriching? Bruce Stone

Trust Modifications and Decanting, Brian M. Malec

Creditor Claims, Tami F. Conetta

Program 4:

Friday, March 1, 2024

Program 4 Topics:

Jurisdiction, Service and Notice in Probate and Trust Proceedings, Rohan Kelley

Will and Trust Contests, James R. George

Discovery and Expert Witnesses, Amy Beller

“I See Dead People” – Ethics and Malpractice Considerations for a Drafting Lawyer, William Hennessey

“Disputes Should Be Resolved in The Conference Room, Not The Courtroom,” Robert Goldman

Fiduciary Liability and More: Construction, Modification and Reformation of Testamentary Instruments, Jack Falk

Drafting to Avoid Litigation, Angela Adams

Program 5:

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Program 5 Topics:

Florida Principal and Income Act, Jean Coker

Gross Income and Tentative Taxable Income, Lester Law

Distributable Net Income, Jean Coker

Complex Trusts and Estates, William Snyder

Bequests and IRC Section 663(a), Lester Law

Distributions In-Kind/Kenan Issues, William Snyder

IRC Section 643(e)(3) and sample problem, William Snyder

Sample 1041, Lester Law

Income in respect of a decedent (IRD), Lester Law

Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax, Beth Shapiro Kaufman

Program 6:

Friday, May 17, 2024

Program 6 Topics:

Estate and Gift Tax Returns—an Overview, George D. Karibjanian

Tax Apportionment, Trent Kiziah

Defending Reporting Positions, Stephanie Loomis-Price

Tax Court Procedures, Stephanie Loomis-Price

Practitioner’s Obligations and Liabilities to the Tax System, Austin Bramwell

Beware of the IRS When Negotiating a Settlement, Robert L. Lancaster

Challenges (and Opportunities) Facing the Practice of Trust and Estate
Law, Elaine M. Bucher, Laird A. Lile, R. Stacy B. Rubel