Program 1:

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Program 1 Topics:

The Use of Trusts, Ronald D. Aucutt

Lifetime Asset Transfers: An Overview, Paul S. Lee

QPRTs, GRATs and the Fundamentals of Sales to Grantor Trusts, Paul S. Lee

Financial Modeling in Estate Planning, Stacy Eastland

Common Business Planning Challenges and Spotting Key Tax Issues for Family-Owned Business Enterprises, Anne J. O’Brien and W. Donald Sparks, II


Program 2:

Friday, September 13, 2019

Program 2 Topics:

Successful Marital Deduction Planning, Barbara A. Sloan

Representing Clients with Diminished Capacity: Addressing their Needs and Dealing with their Families, Bernard A. Krooks

Understanding the Dynamics of Building and Sustaining a Successful Private Wealth Practice, Peter S. Gordon, Margaret E.W. Sager and Lynn B. Sassin

Introduction to International Planning, Gideon Rothschild

Comparing Estate Administration in the Mid-Atlantic Region: A Panel Discussion, Mid-Atlantic Region ACTEC State Chairs

Key Regional Legal Developments: A Panel Discussion, Mid-Atlantic Region ACTEC State Chairs


Program 3:

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Program 3 Topics:

Generation-Skipping Transfer Taxes Revisited, Ellen K. Harrison

Insurance Products and Financing Insurance, Mary Ann Mancini

Planning for Retirement Benefits and Deferred Compensation, Leonard J. Witman

Slicing and Dicing the Trustee’s Roles and Obligations, Michael M. Gordon

Representing a Fiduciary, Greg Weinig

When, if Ever, Should an Attorney serve as a Client’s Fiduciary, Kim D. Fetrow


Program 4:

Friday, November 8, 2019

Program 4 Topics:

The Basics of Sub-Chapter J: Basis Consistency and Form 8971, Randolph T. Harris

Navigating State Income Taxes on Trusts and Their Beneficiaries, Richard W. Nenno

The Fundamentals of Partnership Taxation Revisited, Paul S. Lee

Charitable Gifting, Charitable Entities and Gifting: An Overview, Edward Jay Beckwith

Charitable Reminder Trusts/Charitable Lead Trusts, Richard L. Fox


Program 5:

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Program 5 Topics:

Preparing Bullet Proof Transfer Tax Returns, Beth Shapiro Kaufman

The Legal Challenges Presented by Reproductive Technology, Joshua S. Rubenstein

Trends and Challenges in Fiduciary Litigation, Steve Mignogna and Gerard Brew (pending)

Drafting Tips and Strategies to Avoid Litigation, Benjamin H. Pruett

Settling and Fixing Trust Disputes and Problems by Modification and Reformation, Margaret E. W. Sager

Graduation Dinner (with Keynote Speaker: “The Role of the Trusted Advisor”), Martin A. Heckscher


Program 6:

Friday, April 3, 2020

Program 6 Topics:

Current Federal Tax Developments, Jonathan G. Blattmachr

Planning for Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency, Karen Fahrner

Using Technology to Streamline Your Practice, Andrew J. DeMaio

Navigating the Ethical Challenges in an Estate Planning Practice, Paul C. Heintz

Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Truths I wish my Mentor had Taught Me, MAFI Chancellors and Deans