<p>The following Florida ACTEC Fellows are&nbsp;proud to serve the Florida Fellows Institute:</p>

<p><strong>Chancellors</strong><br />
Elaine M. Bucher</p>
Shane Kelley</p>
Laird A. Lile

<p><strong>Deans</strong><br />
David J. Akins<br />
Deborah L. Russell<br />
Jerome L. Wolf</p>

<p><strong>Senior Advisory Committee</strong><br />
Debra L. Boje<br />
Tae Kelley Bronner<br />
Lauren Y. Detzel<br />
Sandra R. Diamond<br />
Robert W. Goldman<br />
Bruce Stone<br />
Donald R. Tescher</p>


<h2>Inaugural Class Graduates</h2>

<p><strong>Jolyon Acosta</strong>, Bush Ross, Tampa<br />
<strong>Rachel Albritton Lunsford,</strong> Barnett Bolt, Tampa<br />
<strong>Forrest Bass</strong>, Farr Law Firm, Punta Gorda<br />
<strong>Judy Bonevac</strong>, Bonevac Law, Fort Lauderdale<br />
<strong>Elizabeth A. Bowers</strong>, Proskauer, Boca Raton<br />
<strong>Nathan R. Brown</strong>, Proskauer, Boca Raton<br />
<strong>Kelly A. Buist</strong>, The Estate Planning Firm, Stuart/Palm Beach Gardens<br />
<strong>Alyse Reiser Comiter</strong>, Gunster, West Palm Beach<br />
<strong>Andrew Comiter</strong>, Comiter, Singer, Baseman &amp; Braun, Palm Beach<br />
<strong>Carla DeLoach</strong>, DeLoach, P.L., Orlando<br />
<strong>Jordan DeLoach</strong>, DeLoach, P.L., Orlando<br />
<strong>Ben Diamond</strong>, Williamson Diamond &amp; Caton, St. Petersburg<br />
<strong>Patrick Duffey</strong>, Holland &amp; Knight, Tampa<br />
<strong>Patrick Emans,</strong> Holland &amp; Knight, Miami<br />
<strong>Jonathan Galler</strong>, Proskauer, Boca Raton<br />
<strong>Nicholas J. Grimaudo</strong>, Johnson Pope Bokor, Clearwater<br />
<strong>Eamonn Gunthe</strong>r, Law Office of Mary Sue Donohue, Boca Raton<br />
<strong>Travis Hayes</strong>, Grant Fridkin Pearson, Naples<br />
<strong>Thornton “Brad” Henry</strong>, The Karp Law Firm, Palm Beach Gardens<br />
<strong>Jennifer Jones</strong>, Nostro Jones, Miami<br />
<strong>Angela Klemack Santos</strong>, Duane Morris, Boca Raton<br />
<strong>Ryan Ludwick</strong>, Fisher Tousey Leas &amp; Ball, Jacksonville<br />
<strong>Brian Malec</strong>, Dean Mead, Orlando &nbsp;<br />
<strong>Robert Lee McElroy</strong>, Downey &amp; Downey, Palm Beach Gardens<br />
<strong>Dax Nelson</strong>, Dax Nelson Law, Tampa<br />
<strong>Cristina Papanikos</strong>, Gunster, Miami<br />
<strong>Tara Rao</strong>, The Rao Law Firm, Lutz<br />
<strong>Jenna G. Rubin</strong>, Gutter Chaves Josepher Rubin Forman Fleisher Miller, Boca Raton<br />
<strong>Israel Sands</strong>, Israel Sands Law, Miami Beach<br />
<strong>Shawn Snyder</strong>, Snyder &amp; Snyder, Davie<br />
<strong>Pieter Van Dien</strong>, Law Office of Pieter Van Dien, Naples</p>


<h2>Class II Graduates</h2>
<strong>J. Allison Archbold</strong>, Fergeson, Skipper, Shaw, Keyser, Baron &amp; Tirabassi, P.A, Sarasota<br />
<strong>Benjamin D. Babcock</strong>, Greenberg Traurig, P.A., Miami<br />
<strong>Brett C. Barner</strong>, Barner &amp; Barner, P.A., Palm Beach Gardens<br />
<strong>Jared S. Baumwell</strong>, Greenberg Traurig, P.A., Fort Lauderdale<br />
<strong>Brandon D. Bellew</strong>, Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel &amp; Burns, LLP, Clearwater<br />
<strong>Jennifer M. Einersen</strong>, Nostro Jones, P.A., Miami<br />
<strong>Brooke Eisensmith</strong>, Bankier &amp; Arlen Law Group, PLLC, Delray Beach<br />
<strong>Douglas Elmore</strong>, Williams Parker Harrison Dietz &amp; Getzen, Sarasota<br />
<strong>Debbie Faulkner</strong>, The Faulkner Firm, PA, Palm Harbor<br />
<strong>Jesse B. Friedman</strong>, Markowitz, Ringel, Trusty &amp; Hartog, PA, Miami Beach<br />
<strong>Nicholas D. Gaffney</strong>, Quarles &amp; Brady LLP, Tampa<br />
<strong>Lauren A. Galvani</strong>, Baritz &amp; Colman LLP, Boca Raton<br />
<strong>Anthony P. Guettler</strong>, Gould Cooksey Fennell, Vero Beach<br />
<strong>Fletcher Hamilton Rush</strong>, Farr, Farr, Emerich, Hackett, Carr &amp; Holmes, Venice<br />
<strong>Sarah Hayford</strong>, DeLoach, P.L., Orlando<br />
<strong>Kelly Leigh Hellmuth</strong>, McGuireWoods LLP, Jacksonville<br />
<strong>Elizabeth Marie Hughes</strong>, Greenspoon Marder, Miami<br />
<strong>William E. Keenen</strong>, Greenberg Traurig, P.A., Miami<br />
<strong>Joanna Lardin</strong>, Duane Morris LLP, Miami<br />
<strong>Aaron Millman</strong>, Redgrave &amp; Rosenthal LLP, Boca Raton<br />
<strong>Jennifer Okcular</strong>, Nelson &amp; Nelson, P.A., North Miami Beach<br />
<strong>J. Grier Pressly</strong>, Pressly &amp; Pressly, P.A., West Palm Beach<br />
<strong>Stacey A. Prince-Troutman</strong>, Broad and Cassel, Orlando<br />
<strong>Stacy Rubel</strong>, The Virgil Law Firm, Coral Gables<br />
<strong>Jamie Beth Schwinghamer</strong>, Hahn Loeser &amp; Parks LLP, Naples<br />
<strong>Robert C. Segear</strong>, Bressler, Amery &amp; Ross, P.C., Fort Lauderdale<br />
<strong>Jennifer D. Sharpe</strong>, Hackleman, Olive &amp; Judd, P.A., Fort Lauderdale<br />
<strong>William G. Smith</strong>, Jones, Foster, Johnston, &amp; Stubbs, P.A., West Palm Beach<br />
<strong>Michael Sneeringer</strong>, Porter Wright Morris &amp; Arthur, Naples<br />
<strong>Aaron Phillip Snellenbarger</strong>, McDermot Will &amp; Emery LLP, Washington, DC<br />
<strong>Alfred J. Stashis, Jr.</strong>, Dunwody White &amp; Landon, P.A., Naples<br />
<strong>Andrea Renee Stone</strong>, Andrea Stone Law, Miami<br />
<strong>Alicia Leanne Taylor</strong>, Quarles &amp; Brady LLP, Naples<br />
<strong>Kit Van Pelt</strong>, Linda Suzzanne Griffin, P.A., Clearwater<br />
<strong>Shelly Wald Harris</strong>, Shutts &amp; Bowen, LLP, West Palm Beach